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IBM Lotus Notes conversion process is provided for bringing into changes that make work simpler resulting in swift working process. This Notes to Outlook software is available at a reasonable price range that allows all clusters of users to make a buy of the software without facing money issues.

True Story of a Medical Centre that Used Export Notes to Welcome Ease in Work

Organization's Arrangement: - This Medical Centre specialized in brain surgeries has a renowned name in the city and had numerous of operating systems installed in its arrangement. The systems stored all the patient information, details of the surgeries, the information of all the surgeons, etc.

Stockpile Process: - This centre for one the best brain surgery conduction has been using Lotus Notes for quite a long time has been performing maintenance of schedules and appointments with the help of calendars and the contact manager stored many of the important contacts most of the highly renowned patients of this centre which were stored in NSF format in the Lotus Notes.

Quandary Faced: - These surgeons and operators faced a lot of difficulty in operating file maintenance due to highly technical process involved in the Lotus Notes mail client. This was creating blunders for the operators as it took lot of time in teaching the new joiners who were not that expert in operating the Lotus Notes mail client.

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Export Notes - the Savior: - The Export Notes software helped in the conversion process of files in bulk as it had the potential of batch conversion which is time efficient and also rather than buying new Domino Servers for the freshly appointed employees was a waste of lot of money unnecessary and this tool is also cost effective. This IBM Lotus Notes conversion process helped in the best way out.